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Turners Martial Arts Studios

Turners Martial Arts Studios has been offering martial arts instruction in Flower Mound, TX since 2001. We have been privileged to be a part of the lives of thousands of area students since that time.

Headed by Dr. & Master Joe Turner (7th Dan American Karate, 4th Dan Karate, 4th Dan GojuShorei) along with his wife, Mrs. Gaylene Turner, and a staff of experts, Turners Martial Arts Studios offers a number of programs of instruction in martial arts, to develop Skills for Success.

Our Philosophy

Building Tomorrow's Leaders TODAY . . .


Turners Martial Arts Studios is a Private school of higher education focused on teaching students, of all ages, how to develop Skills For Success through the study of martial arts.

Our curriculum is highly structured and designed to promote real Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline and Self-Esteem, earned through achievement, in a safe, family-friendly, and Christian-friendly environment. All of our training, regardless of program, is founded on the fundamental Black Belt Principles:

Honesty, Integrity, Humility, Self-Control and Perseverance

Dr. Turner pulls together his extensive Education, Corporate, Professional and Martial Arts backgrounds to apply modern teaching methods to traditional martial arts! 

Belt Testing

Unfortunately, some schools seem to be Belt Factories, where students just get passed on regardless of ability, or performance. Our students Learn to Earn their advancement. Be prepared, a Black Belt at TMAS will require many years of training. Along the way, the vast majority of our students pass their Belt Tests on the first try. Fundamentally, that's because we don't invite anyone to test unless they're ready. We NEVER set a student up for failure, instead we teach them how to properly prepare for success. This system develops a personal habit of achievement. Students are expected to, and do, reach new heights of personal excellence through dedicated training. This is manifest even outside of TMAS by high GPA's in school, placement on Honor Rolls and/or Dean's List, receiving scholarships, attaining Eagle Scout, and a host of other ways.

We are focused on developing Life Skills! And, by the way, we NEVER charge extra for Belt Testing. That is simply included in your tuition.

Rank Certification

One of the big myths about martial arts is that Black Belts have to register themselves somewhere, i.e. with the Police. This is completely false. Another myth is that you must train with a National Chain, or some Federation/Association to have your rank recognized by others. This too is false. For those that wish to take an extra step and have your Black Belt Internationally Certified, you may do so easily. All of our Black Belts are Certifiable through the World Martial Arts Ranking Association, whose Directors include Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson, Jhoon Rhee, Allen Steen, Robert Trias and Chuck Norris, among others. Dr. Turner is a Certified Master Black Belt with WMARA and, as such, his students ranks are automatically accepted.

If interested in placing your child, or yourself, in an environment that promotes the highest standards for Character, Ethics and Personal Excellence, please contact us!